Baiia the label

A while ago we came across the Instagram page of swimwear line Baiia the label and to be honest both Lotte and I fell in love with this brand! This beautiful sustainable swimwear brand is very unique in all of its designs and to be honest the quality is stunning as well!

I am not the type of person who likes to show off myself in swimwear. I normally feel quite fragile because I can’t hide anything. But then we saw the designs of Baiia coming by. Immediately I felt this could be something I would like to wear without feeling “exposed” and still really sexy!

The swimsuit is a design that contains 3 pieces. You have a “body”, a “top” and a “belt”. All these three pieces fit perfectly together and make your swimsuit original. Why? Because the pieces are reversible you can make several looks!

When you try on your swim piece you will notice the quality of the fabric. Because the body and the top both fit somewhat tight around your body you’ll also see it will shape your body in a beautiful way. Kind of what shaping underwear does but then sexy!! I got a lot of positive responses when I went to the beach with my Baiia swimsuit on! And I really felt confident and sexy at the same time!

On the website of Baiia you will see all the designs they have and they now even have stunning bikini’s as well! What I really like about this swimwear line is the way it fits and shapes. I really feel confident in my swimwear piece.

Another thing I also like is the fact Baiia the label is sustainable. The brand actually cares about the environment as it does for its customers.

Baiia, which actually means “one who has the capacity to change the world for the better” is all about sustainability. The fabrics are chosen very carefully. The fabrics are mostly durable recycled nylon. On you’ll find more information about this subject!

So as you can see I am really positive about this brand! When you start shopping at their website you might notice the prices! I can imagine people might think they are somewhat high. But you should definitely keep in mind a few things:

1: The quality is so good you’ll be wearing your item for years!

2: Your items are reversible, so basically you will get more looks while buying just one!

3: This brand actually cares about the environment and also about the people who make your swimwear!

I would definitely recommend Baiia as your perfect swimwear piece!! I bet you will love it for years!



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