Agent Nateur

A while ago Lotte and I received some beautiful products of Agent Nateur. A brand created by Jena Covello. Her holistic look on life and on her brand has led to a whole natural skincare line which is delicate and nourishing for your skin. We both were able to try out the Holi Trinity set and the Holi(stick) deodorant and we would love to tell you more about these products.

One of the first things we notice is how lovely the package arrives at our place! It immediately gives this chique feeling and when I unpack the products it feels as if I am about to get my facial treatment in my very own salon at home! Also the smell is just to die for! I have always loved the smell of roses but this takes it to a whole other level! If only I could let you smell through our blog!

The Holi Trinity set is covered with a

  • toner known as the Holi(water)
  • Holi (C)
  • Holi (oil)

When I start my routine the first step is to use the Holi (water). I use a little in my hand and then spread it onto my face. What I really like is that this doesn’t itch on my face nor does my face get dry! What usually happens when I use a toner! Instead of getting dry my face feels really soft and my skin already looks better! I wonder why this is, but when I take a look at the ingrediënt list I notice the ingredients are natural! Also when you search on you’ll see how much love they put into their products and the quality of the ingredients are so good!

After I use the Holi (water) it is time to put on the Holi (c). This is a vitamin C powder which you have to mix with the Holi (water) or just regular water. I prefer to use the toner as it is so lovely for my skin and also smell so good! Vitamin C is an essential for your skin, it reduces redness, helps to bring back the shine to a dull skin and helps when you have some acne! Something that really bothers me from time to time!

Then it is time to use the Holi (oil). This oil is quite thick and when I put it on my face I can feel it is a very “rich” oil. It spreads easily and my skin absorbs the oil right away! I like to use my rose quartz gua sha stone to massage the Holi (oil) deep into my skin.

I have used the products for a while now and especially when my skin looks dull, is dehydrated or needs something more I really love to use the Agent Nateur products! When you look online you’ll see the products come with a price tag but I believe the products are really worth it! I have really bad acne when my period has just started and I really am bothered by this but these products have helped me a lot especially because the ingredients are so pure and the quality is so good!

I would definitely recommend taking a look on their site and try this lovely set!



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