Alex Carro face oil

When it comes to my skincare routine it is very important to me to see what the ingredients are. Nowadays it is a must they are as natural as they can be! Something I didn’t bother to look at a few years ago. I have to say it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my skincare routine!

When we approached the lovely Dutch online store Get Natural the owner gave us some products to test! We want to show you guys more about natural skincare and this shop fits that profile! One of the products she gave us was the Alex Carro face oil! Alex Carro is a natural, vegan and unisex skincare brand from Spain! Like written on the Get Natural store:

“Get to meet Alex Carro, Get to meet the future! Innovative and intelligent skincare products based upon high quality herbs, plant extracts, ethereal oils!”

And seriously you guys, if only you could smell!! When you apply the oil you immediately recognize the quality! Well at least I did! Not only the smell is very lovely and natural also the structure and way it adapts into your skin is great! I have used the face oil on a daily base for two weeks now and the first thing I noticed is the small amount you need to get a good result! Just 4/5 small drops is enough to cover you whole face and without it being al oily! Which is great because no one wants an oily skin right! It sets a fresh, nurtured base to start your day. Although of course you could use it before you go to sleep.

Like I have told my Dutchies before, my skin is so sensitive! I easily get break outs or dry skin after a day in the sun! Something that can be very annoying sometimes, but since I use this oil my skin seems better! So this face oil from Alex Carro is a keeper for sure!

For the Dutchies who want to know more, please take a look on

and for all the English skincare lovers you really should have a look on

I know for sure you’ll love it as much as I do!



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