Raramuri Sandals

Raramuri Sandals

Today I want to share with you my favourite sandal brand, Raramuri Sandals.

Many years I wore Havaianas which are fine sandals but not that beautiful. Therefore it was time to invest in some new, sustainable and beautiful sandals. After a search I landed on the Instagram account of Raramuri Sandals and it was love at first sight.

The name Raramuri is coming from a tribe in Mexico with the same name. The meaning of the name is the following:”people with the floating feet”. Besides that this tribe made sandals out of old car tires and ribbons.

Besides the great comfort of the sandals, Raramuri is also very special because you can create your own sandals by chosen the base and the ribbons. Perfect for those who like to change and spice things up.

You can choose out of six different models to start with:

My Sandal of choice was Cancun. Sandals with five loops for the ribbon. Which make it steady and beautiful on your feet.

After that it was time to choose different ribbons. Raramuri Sandals are offering a large selection of very lovely ribbons and it was quite hard to choose.

My choice was the following:

You can create your own look by the way you tie the ribbons. And how lovely is that. That you can change the look and feel of your sandals to match your outfits and mood.

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