This is Dutch Gigil

Hi you all! We are so happy to announce we are finally posting our blogs in English as well!! Yay! So let’s begin at the very beginning! We are Lotte and Bibi, two close friends from the Netherlands! About 8 years ago we first met on a party! Our boyfriends practically grew up together and that’s how we know each other! Today Lotte still lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and her two lovely cats! Bibi on the other hand married her boyfriend and moved to Qatar where she now happily lives with her husband and daughter! We try to visit eachother as much as we can, however right now with this whole COVID-19 happening that’s a little difficult!
On our blog you will find your daily lifestyle inspiration! We will give you tips, show you beautiful (new) brands, travel suggestions, food inspiration and bring you your daily input! Right now the both of us are moving into living a more sustainable lifestyle and on Dutch Gigil you can follow this journey! So if you want to be more aware of the world around you, live a more sustainable life and be the best version of you, Dutch Gigil will give you the inspiration you need! We have a lot of lovely collaborations coming up with beautiful brands, so stay tuned! Talk to you soon! Love, Bibi and Lotte

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